Posted by: seattlercg | May 28, 2010

lets grow!

summer is coming! And in preparation we have begun planting and setting up rain barrels. Most of the land is uncultivated but we have been clearing a few patches for lettuces herbs sunflowers and 8 or so tomatoes that Chris traded home brew for. If you would like to join us you can email us at . feel free to drop by any time (the gate on 25th st. between cherry and Columbia is unlocked if you would prefer not hop a fence) we have started having work party’s every Saturday around noon, so come and sow some seeds while the soil is warm!

Posted by: seattlercg | January 29, 2010


 our very first zine. print for free, for non-capitalist/authoritarian purposes

Posted by: seattlercg | January 26, 2010

abandoned sculptures

farm update. winter is leaving us slowly, as the 1.5 pounds of oyster mushrooms I harvested yesterday (in seattle) would indicate soon it will be time to start planting seeds of warmer climate loving plants inside. the first green buds are appearing on the rhubarb plants, and we have planted a handful of native conifers around the grounds. we are working on our zine FARM, LIFE. watch for it because it will be out there soon, featured in it is this poem  by a communard titled abandoned sculptures. 

Abandoned sculptures 

Half moon pennies 

Rust buttoned sunflower shade 

Grey age yawning 


Across memories scattered 


Golden in the grave 



Mild winter sun 


Popcorn bushes 


Next to scabbed rose thumbs 


And a young pear tree 



These pathways retain 


The scents of their scattered poetry and 


The seeds of coming spring 


Blossoms hiding under the wry smile of humility 


At their desertion 



Grass blades wear 


Blunted converse stitching scars 


And the indents of sun tanned toes 


Stretching out from the pressure 


The lost flannel sheet comfort 



Of mid afternoon 


Raggedy lollygaggin’ 


Teeth chattering 


Like piranha shadow puppets 

Drowning on top of the ice

Posted by: seattlercg | December 21, 2009

winter update

right now we have quite a few small, but long term projects such as; working on planting a wood lot on the west end, for the beauty and ecological use of trees, also working on getting gutters hooked to rain barrel.  just the other day we made a compost bin out of wood pallets an old bike rack chicken wire, and the side of a building . we are asking for your help with resources, plants, soil, hoses, > 2 gallon pots, rain barrels, your time, gardening related supplies, and money. we will table at madison market periodically in 2010. we are still few in numbers if you would like to join contact us at

Watch out for the farm life zine coming soon. . .

Posted by: seattlercg | November 8, 2009

planning meeting + potluck


the very first planning meeting and potluck, will be held november 14th at 3:30 pm at the nova farm (2410. e cherry st.). this will be the first meeting and potluck in hopefully an exponentialy increasing line. why? because as of now the nova farm is dormant, it is waiting to germinate, to build a strong commune of neighbors gathering to acomplish common goals. but before we decide what our goals are we need to decide them as a commune. I am determined that together we will be stronger than we are alone; the sum of the group is greater than that of its parts. let us gather so we can grow to be the change we wish to see